Dara offers live music offerings, experiences and collaborations in loving service to all beings.

Sound offerings
Sound Healing
Experience private events and sessions for vibrational healing, deep recovery and divine alignment.
Musical Performance Offerings
In celebration and ceremony, elevate and venerate love through live music offerings with Dara Hart.
Unique Experiences
Dara Hart and her collaborators integrate sound healing, yoga, live music and community for groups.
All Ways is a multi-instrumental world music project which fuses spirit, songs and sound to open the heart to heal, experience and praise the joy of life itself.
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Sound Art

Creativity is the key; unlock your unique divinity.

Natural Processes Transformed

"The main component driving the animation is derived from a mathematical model called Reaction Diffusion, which is the emulation of one chemical substance reacting with another, and the background videos are using displacement loops influenced by the initial reaction diffusion."
Generative art by Shotgone
Official Music Video

"Frequency" single from Dara Hart

Produced by Wellington Lora
Generative visuals by Shotgone


“After only two sessions with Dara, I feel as though my healing journey and personal growth has shifted into hyper-speed. I felt profound, positive changes in myself and in my circumstances, almost immediately following my first session. I can think of no greater gift you could give yourself this incredible opportunity.”


Athens, Greece
“Dara’s intense love and care is now reflected in me; in my own ability to see my true self and my own power. But -- It is more than that. It’s the inconceivable feeling of making dreams -- the dreams you didn’t even know you would ever be able to think of--come true. Dara is a symphony based on logic, effort and pure love: love for you, for your body, and the love that radiates from the eyes, the light and the laugh of this sweetest bad-ass warrior queen.”


“Thank you Dara, for your guidance and trust to find my inner voice. We are all teachers and students of life.”