Dara offers wholesome private and group offerings for body and soul.

Body Offerings

Build strength with purpose, improve performance, flexibility and move mindfully with Dara through private sessions for individuals and small groups.

Sessions range from Strength & Conditioning, Yoga & Meditation, Boxing for Fitness to Mindful movement.
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Classes and Community Events

Dara offers weekly Yoga & Movement classes in person and online. Get in touch to see what is upcoming and join the movement.
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Embody Resilience.

Full Body #WOW
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Moment of Mindfulness: Kode With Klossy x adidas


Photographer, Founder & Creative Director of Coveteur
"What Dara did for me changed my life. Dara gave me a routine, motivation & helped me see that I could feel better, achieve more and be a priority in my own life.”


“Her sessions are such a breathtaking combination of active mindfulness, centering and strengthening of the body and connecting with the soul.”


“Dara's ability to connect with people on a soul level allows her students to experience a unique synergy between physical fitness and spirituality. Her commitment to helping people heal from the inside out and truly feel good is so genuine you can feel it in person, online, from a phone call or even an encouraging text. Dara has supported my fitness and spiritual journey for several years and I'm always eager to learn more from her!”


“By incorporating yoga & mindfulness into my personal training, Dara enabled me to become the best version of myself on several levels. It's not enough to just take care of your body- you have to consider your head and your heart for long term, meaningful charges. Her method is the ultimate version of self care- to feel good from head to toe; to feel your power from the inside out. Dara's approach to health and wellness is a game changer.”


“Dara understands each of her clients and knows how to work them in the best way for them. She has a deep knowledge base and repertoire of skills which she applies thoughtfully to her sessions.”


Founder, U Sing! Studio, Bangkok Thailand
"Dara is one of the best fitness trainers I’ve ever worked with. Her workouts are challenging yet always full of fun. Dara’s workouts are ‘sweat-guaranteed’ workouts. She is always very patient and would customise my workouts accordingly to ensure I reach my fitness goals. She’s one of the best in the industry! You won’t be disappointed."