Dara’s mission is pure and direct: sweat, sing and serve.

As a vocal artist, songwriter, coach and teacher, Dara leads with her whole heart. Through her wide lens, extensive skills, creative gifts and pure passion, Dara combines her strengths to inspire, support and help others love their body, find their voice, know their strength, embrace their power and reach their highest potential.

Dara holds real world experience, certifications and qualifications in the arts, in fitness and movement training, yoga, meditation and integrative healing therapies. She has been a mentee and student of world class athletic boxing champions, globally acclaimed healers as well as luminary leaders of awareness and consciousness.

Dara has used her celebrity fitness training and management expertise to help create, operate and direct boutique fitness and wellness startups focusing on the wellbeing of clients and employees alike. She was a founding member of the New York and LA fitness sensation DOGPOUND and has served as a wellness trainer, coach and consultant to industry leaders, supermodels, ceos, entrepreneurs and creatives and continues to share celebrated teachings to a global audience of diverse communities.

Dara’s vision is to help others to lead a life of inclusion, creativity, strength and artistry. She is currently creating musical offerings which aim to reveal, heal and uplift through soulful resonance, sound and song.

In love, strength and harmony; may all beings be happy and free.