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Move your body. Harness your power. Shift your perspective.
In this 60 minute class, Dara will lead you to work from the outside in. Dynamic movement, postures, breath techniques and specific sequencing will challenge your whole body, confront your imbalances, remove stagnation and let go what holds you back. Release resistance.
Build resilience. Shift.

 Build your body, train your mind, create your future.

Through an all inclusive and personalized program, work with me to learn the tools to set a strong foundation, build the strength of a physical & meditative practice, and build the foundation for change. Build endurance, strength and mobility. Develop the skills to become more aware, alert and alive. Build the tolerance to shift and adjust. Embody creativity and live with love. Work with me to set a strong foundation to succeed and achieve your goals.

Coaching program includes:

  • Physical fitness & strength training coaching & programming (set exercises and routines you can do on your own as well)

  • Movement, therapeutic and meditative practices:
    exercise and movement regimes, meditation, breath-work,
    acupressure, asanas and kriyas

  • Dietary advice (based on yogic nutrition)

  • Self care practices & support.

  • Minimum 3 month commitment
    spots are limited and reserved only for individuals willing to
    make a serious commitment to themselves.

Group events are a fantastic way to collectively raise morale,
create a positive experience, and all offerings are dependent on
the client, group, or desire of the brand. I create and adjust
programming and intensity accordingly.

  • Brand Activations

  • Corporate training & seminars

  • Office Visits - Summits

  • Retreats

  • Philanthropy & Charity events

Work with me privately!

I'd offer a variety of services, from personal training, restoration & recovery, mindfulness, meditation & music. If you'd like to book a session, click below!

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