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Hart Soul Mathematics: learn your digits! 


Get a personalized breakdown of your digits straight from Dara! Connect with your purpose, clear out the karma and get tools to help you walk your personal path of compassion.


Based on the teachings of Kundalini Numerology and Dara’s self sensitivity, get a detailed audio description of your digits, plus a personalized packet of practices to help you stay lifted and loved. 


The digits: 

  • Soul Purpose Number: What you’ve come here to do. 
  • Life-Long Homework: What to continue to work on to stay feeling your best. 
  • Your Gift: Your special gift to share with the world. 
  • Past Knowledge: Tap into your knowledge, skills, assets of what is deeply rooted within you
  • The Life Path: the roadmap to live your best life.
  • The Way to Your Heart: Give and receive love and connect to your compassion


A note from Dara: I’ll teach you to know your digits!  Clear out the old, check and reset yourself, and learn simple tools to connect to your heart.  Get lifted and lead your best life!

Hart Soul Mathematics

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